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Why does the US Supreme Court have a lifetime term?

Unlike other high-ranking positions in the government, the Supreme Court of the United States is granted a lifetime term by the Constitution. The US Constitution does not specifically stipulate that the supreme judge, the most powerful position in the US judicial system, has a lifetime term. According to Article III of the Constitution, judges in the…

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What elements does an economic lawyer need?

You want to pursue the path of becoming an economic lawyer? But you wonder if you have the necessary elements to become a lawyer? We will answer all your questions in the article below. What does an economic lawyer do? Economic lawyer specializes in providing consulting services on the provisions of law for economic activities in…

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What is international commercial law?

The context of international integration has opened up a lot of opportunities for countries in economic exchanges. However, "integration" here does not mean that countries trade arbitrarily and illegally. Freedom in exchanging goods and services between countries only works when bound within a reasonable framework. That framework is international commercial law. An overview of international trade…

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What is the International Court of Justice? Rules of the International Court

The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, exercising its mandate in the settlement of disputes between States and giving advisory conclusions on legal matters at the request of the General Assembly, the Security Council of the United Nations or other agency of the United Nations. The Statute of the…

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Some qualities of lawyers need

It is essential for law practitioners to have qualities and basic skills in performing the profession. Good communication and public speaking skills and qualities are necessary to argue, advise or persuade customers and exploit accurate information. 1. Moral qualities The professional ethics of lawyers is reflected in two aspects of their professional activities. First, a client hires…

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an enterprise lawyer

What is an enterprise lawyer? What can an enterprise lawyer help for your business?

Corporate activities always contain many risks related to the Law that adversely affect the credibility and economic losses. Hiring an enterprise lawyer helps solve the legal requirements arising in the operation process. What is an enterprise lawyer? An enterprise lawyer is a lawyer with specialized expertise in corporate law. Qualified enterprise lawyers need to ensure…

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