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How a Legal Ethics Lawyer Can Help You

Legal ethics lawyers are experienced in the many rules, laws and procedures involved with attorney ethical conduct. They can represent attorneys who face disciplinary or disability proceedings arising from their professional behavior or clients seeking redress for harm potentially caused by lawyer malpractice.

It’s against Texas legal ethics rules to comment outside court proceedings about the guilt or innocence of a person awaiting trial. But a Harris County DA broke that rule, and now she faces a lawsuit.

Restoring Justice

Restoring Justice is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to providing passionate and holistic counsel to indigent accused people. The organization uses a system of Adelphoi volunteers who provide one-on-one, in-person representation to clients throughout the legal process. In return, Adelphoi volunteers receive a unique opportunity to gain an in-depth perspective of the legal system and its detrimental effects on poor people, people of color, and those with mental health conditions.

Restorative Justice is a philosophy and social movement that provides a different way to think about crime and victimization. It focuses on victims, communities and offenders and their responsibility to repair harm caused by criminal behavior. It also includes a focus on offender restitution.

Unlike the retributive justice model, which only focuses on punishment, restorative justice acknowledges that crime hurts people and destroys relationships in our society. It also tries to address the dehumanization of both victims and offenders in our current criminal justice system.

Legal Malpractice Lawyers

A legal malpractice lawyer can help you if you have suffered damages from the negligent actions of a former attorney. These damages may include lost income, medical expenses and property damage. Legal malpractice lawyers can also assist with legal malpractice claims against other types of business professionals such as doctors, accountants and financial industry professionals.

Jennifer Hasley is an experienced litigator and trial lawyer who focuses her practice on legal malpractice and attorney disciplinary law. She frequently publishes articles and columns on the subject of attorney ethics and professionalism. She has also defended a number of well-respected law firms against groundless malpractice claims.

Legal Malpractice can be defined as an attorney’s failure to meet the standard of care and skill that is expected in a particular case. If your former attorney failed to file paperwork on time, did not provide competent representation, breached confidentiality or failed to avoid conflicts of interest, you may have a claim for legal malpractice.

Super Lawyers

While the process of selecting Super Lawyers may seem fair, the fact remains that it’s a for-profit enterprise, owned by Thomson Reuters. This makes the designation something of a racket, and it’s been questioned by several ethics boards, including in New Jersey.

Candidates are nominated by their peers and then evaluated based on peer recognition, professional achievement, and other factors. The research department then assembles a list of lawyers with the highest point totals in their practice areas, and those picks undergo a “blue ribbon review.” Attorneys with the highest points are designated Super Lawyers and those with the next-highest points are Rising Stars.

The list is then published online and in print. While being listed with Super Lawyers is free, you must pay for a paid profile on the website to include your picture and additional information. The fee is one reason why some attorneys are reluctant to put the Super Lawyers badge on their website, and some state bar associations have even banned the use of the label entirely.

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