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Notes to hire a lawyer and what can a lawyer do?


Along with the development of the legal profession, you can easily hire a lawyer to give legal advice or defend yourself in legal disputes. However, choosing a qualified and ethical lawyer who is genuinely dedicated to the job is not easy, even very difficult. Few people have to “eat bitter fruit” and “lose money, lose disability” when choosing the wrong lawyers.

What can a lawyer do for you?

  • Consulting on legal issues such as Civil, criminal, marriage and family, land, inheritance, intellectual property, and business… for individuals, agencies, and organizations;
  • Representatives discuss and exchange work with partners;
  • Consulting, composing fellows, singles, …
  • Consulting, drafting documents to carry out the main procedures;
  • Consulting and editing documents to apply for all kinds of papers;
  • Consulting, protection rights, representation, and participation in dispute resolution related to intellectual property rights;
  • Consulting, representing rights protection, and participating in dispute settlement in the economic and commercial fields (copper disputes, bad debts…);
  • Consulting, representing rights protection, and participating in dispute resolution in the labor field (terminal termination of labor contracts, dismissal discipline…);
  • Consulting, representing rights protection, and participating in civil dispute settlement (disputes over property, land, inheritance, contracts, compensation for non-contractual damages…);
  • Consulting, guiding customers to start, preparing documents according to the event;
  • Compose petitions and documents to be sent to competent authorities (suit petitions, proposals in the course of proceedings, requests for judgment enforcement, etc.);
  • Advising on how to resolve disputes, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the disputing party;
  • Investigate and collect evidences – documents, check and evaluate evidences – documents for submission to the Court;
  • Drafting applications, and preparing documents for you;
  • Remove, exchange with the operating system act agency, arbitration body to best protect your rights and legal obligations;
  • Participating in legal proceedings as a lawyer to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients in civil, criminal, economic, labor, administrative, marriage, and family services…
  • Participating in the proceedings as a defense attorney for the accused, being reported in advance for the purpose of vindicating or mitigating the sentence of a possible, reported defendant;
  • Exceptional authority representation and more content work,…

Why is choosing a lawyer (legal service) so difficult? What’s special when you decide to hire a lawyer services?

  • If you buy an item, you can know precisely what the product you are receiving is, how the quality is with technical information, delivery deadlines,… and a clear, transparent commitment of the manufacturer. You even get to test before you buy. If the product has a defect, you will be replaced with another product or covered by a warranty. If a supplier fails to live up to their commitment, you can sue them, and they will have to compensate you.
  • Unlike you buying the above products and services, when you choose a lawyer to treat a disease or protect your rights, the Code of Professional Ethics does not allow a lawyer to make an appointment or commitment about the outcome results because the lawyer has no authority to decide the sentence. If a lawyer promises or commits to you, it means they have violated professional ethics and may be cheating on you. Of course, when the outcome of the case is not as committed (if any) of the lawyer, you can not sue to ask them for compensation because this commitment is not recognized by law.
  • You are difficult to check the quality of a lawyer’s services. If you choose an ethical and dedicated lawyer, they will deal with your difficulties and problems. They have an active research record of trying to protect you; they can stay awake to straighten every word in the work of drafting letters and documents to send to the authorities to help you.
  • But if you make the wrong choice of an irresponsible attorney, they will work to get the job done. With them, even without studying the records, it only takes a few minutes to edit a document/finish writing an application. Still, the problem is what you will get from the documents that perfunctory writing like that? How will they protect you without researching records? It is very difficult to detect this work; it is just a perception; you cannot blame them.
  • Choosing a lawyer is difficult because no one has a standard method to evaluate lawyers’ responsibility in ensuring service quality. When selecting a lawyer, you usually must pay 50% of the service fee after signing the contract. Regardless of the outcome of the answer, whether you win or lose, you must pay the remaining 50%. You can’t argue; the quality of service they provide depends on the conscience and ethics of the lawyer.


What should be kept in mind when choosing a lawyer?

  • Directly choose a lawyer: When you sign a contract with a law firm, it does not mean the law firm will help you directly. They will administer an attorney to receive and defend you in front of the court. You should not entrust the selection of this lawyer to anyone, but ask the law firm where you contact to provide detailed information about the lawyer they intend to assign… You should only sign a contract after you directly meet, discuss and feel secure, and believe in the personality and direction of this lawyer.
  • Beware of promises and commitments about the outcome of the case: If you hear promises about the time and results of solving the case, do not rush to believe those words. A job may have to pass many levels of testing. Lawyers or even judges do not have the power to decide sentences. This authority rests with the handling board.
  • Pay attention to the ethics of lawyers: When looking for a lawyer, people often think of having to find a good lawyer; this is absolutely true. But you can make a big mistake if you are not interested in learning about the identity and ethics of that lawyer. A good lawyer will not mean anything; you will even suffer more damage and costs if it is a lawyer who lacks personality. A reputable lawyer with suitable capacity and dedication to the job, enough for you to trust, is always the best choice.


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