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What is an enterprise lawyer? What can an enterprise lawyer help for your business?

an enterprise lawyer

Corporate activities always contain many risks related to the Law that adversely affect the credibility and economic losses. Hiring an enterprise lawyer helps solve the legal requirements arising in the operation process.

What is an enterprise lawyer?

  • An enterprise lawyer is a lawyer with specialized expertise in corporate law. Qualified enterprise lawyers need to ensure a minimum of 5 years in the field of corporate law.
  • Enterprise lawyers may belong to a law firm and be managed by such an enterprise or be a bar association member under the unit.

What doesan enterprise lawyer do?

1. Corporate Internal Law

In the business operation process, internal is one of the important factors affecting the existence and development of an enterprise. However, internal corporate management is the most challenging thing that not all businesses can do well. Enterprise law consulting service was born with the content of internal legal advice. With the following contents:

Enterprise organizational structure

  • Analyze the management model of the Enterprise and advise and propose an appropriate business management model: Organize the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Members’ Council meeting, and the Board of Directors;…
  • Analyze and develop specific management functions, functions, and tasks of each Division, Division, Workshop, and affiliated business establishments; powers of management agencies and relations in operating the Company’s operations.
  • Consulting on building the legal system and internal governance of each type of business: Charter, Joint Venture Contract, Operational Regulations, Shareholder/Member Agreement, Internal Compliance, and Control Policy.

Corporate internal management

  • Consulting on building the legal system and internal governance of each type of business: Charter, Joint Venture Contract, Operational Regulations, Shareholder/Member Agreement, Internal Compliance, and Control Policy.
  • Consulting on drafting and reviewing internal decisions, resolutions, and minutes to ensure compliance with the Charter and legal regulations.
  • Make a plan on the membership structure and change of members of the Board of Directors – Board of members, executive board, personnel.
  • Organizing training and improving professional qualifications and working skills of officials and employees in the Enterprise.
  • Consulting on salary policy and allowances and treatment policies for employees following the law;
  • Consulting on occupational safety and hygiene in the Company.

an enterprise lawyer

Internal Business Disputes

  • Internal corporate disputes are often disputes over the interests of corporate shareholders, capital contribution disputes, contract disputes, corporate property disputes, etc.
  • Disputes arising from unclear agreements, gaps, disputes related to lack of information, agreements, and contract minutes.
  • Internal disputes related to the labor contract, monthly salary, insurance or working conditions, maternity regime of employees with the enterprise
  • Disputes over the division of power, the election of the board of directors, conflicts between employees and employees, the company, or between members of the corporate governance board.
2. Business Administrative Procedures

Register to establish a business

Administrative procedures are one of the complex issues that businesses often have to perform in the course of their business operations. Many companies face difficulties in carrying out administrative procedures with state agencies, including typical contents such as:

  • Business establishment procedures;
  • Procedures for changing business registration;
  • Procedures for establishing an enterprise with foreign elements.
  • Procedures for suspending business operations;
  • Procedures for separation and merger of enterprises;
  • Procedures for dissolution and bankruptcy of enterprises;
  • Consulting on corporate tax management.

Contract Risk Management

  • Advising on specific legal provisions on each type of contract so that customers have a legal understanding, ensuring that the conclusion of the contract is done most profitably but following the law…
  • Evaluate and advise on contract negotiation roadmap and strategy, research and report on legal bases, check the legitimacy of all documents and provide detailed legal opinions related to agreements. contract agreement
  • Advising on cases of cancellation or termination of the proposal to enter into a contract. Amending the proposal, accepting the offer for entering into a contract, and the time limit for replying to accept the conclusion of the contract.
  • Representing for negotiation and signing of contracts
  • Advising on legal provisions on conditions of contract modification and termination.
  • Consulting on legal issues arising in amending and terminating the contract.

Disputes of interests with partners

  • Disputes on the sale and purchase of partner goods, investment disputes, delivery progress, intellectual property, or handling detailed violations with sales and transfer contracts…

an enterprise lawyer

3. Risks due to the obligation to comply with corporate law
  • Solving legal issues by professional business lawyers helps minimize risks related to operations, corporate tax, labor contracts, and employee benefits.
  • Minimize the risks associated with registration, procedures, and other types of licenses required in enterprise business-related or management activities.

What are the benefits of hiring an enterprise lawyer?

  • Hire a private business lawyer to save costs due to the business
  • Lawyers advise businesses to reduce risks caused by corporate legal issues
  • Corporate lawyers help businesses operate more flexibly
  • The enterprise lawyer, on behalf of the enterprise, completes and submits the arising documents related to the business operation
  •  Business lawyers help you feel more secure when participating in legal proceedings as a representative to argue and defend.

an enterprise lawyer

Service fee to hire an enterprise lawyer

1. Factors determining the fee to hire a private lawyer for a business
  • Technical difficulty related to the job
  • Time to deal with related work
  • Experience and reputation of the appointed company/lawyer
  • Policy on fees of each business
2. How much does it cost to hire an enterprise lawyer?

The cost of an enterprise lawyer is agreed on the basic price bracket between the lawyer and the client. It is certified by the signed cooperation contract.

1. Activities in business consulting service:
  • Consulting on drafting documents, records, procedures, contracts… related documents in the course of business operation.
  • New policy advice and preferential policies related to new business benefits are constantly updated.
  • Advising on complaints and lawsuits against businesses with related illegal commercial and intellectual property disputes.
  • Consultancy in drafting official documents, mechanisms, and internal charters of enterprises.
  • Regular legal advice, consulting with other related matters.
2. Business legal consulting process
  • Step 1:  Receive requests from businesses
  • Step 2:  Analyze and process the information requested by the customer

– The process of performing legal services:

  • Step 1: Meet the customer representative of the business to exchange information related to the requirements, agree on the plan and sign the contract.
  • Step 2: Solve the work requested by the customer, check the implementation progress and provide feedback on the progress of the business.
  • Step 3: Complete the work, hand over the relevant documents, and proceed to liquidate the contract when the settlement is completed.
  • Step 4: Post-contract advice to help guide business legal information to minimize risks related to corporate law.

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