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Why Hire a Family Lawyer in Houston?

Family law is a broad practice area that involves issues such as divorce, adoption, child custody, support and abuse, reproductive rights, domestic violence and division of property.

Family matters can become very contentious and difficult. This is especially true when children or property are involved.

Child Custody

When parents divorce, one of the issues that is often addressed is child custody. These custody orders determine the primary caretaker of a child and who will have the most important decisions about their upbringing, including education, health care, religious beliefs, activities, and more.

In many cases, the courts award physical custody of a child to the parent who lives with them most of the time. This can mean that the custodial parent will have more access to the child, and this parent may also be ordered to make child support payments.

The court is looking for an outcome that’s in the best interests of the child, so it will take several factors into consideration when determining what is best for them. For example, if one of the parents is experiencing financial difficulties or has a history of abuse, this may affect their chance at securing custody.

If you’re facing a custody issue, you should contact an experienced Houston family lawyer who will help you find a solution that works for you and your children. He will be able to negotiate a custody plan that works for your family and protects your children’s rights.


Divorce can be a complicated process. However, a family lawyer in Houston can help you navigate it and achieve a positive outcome for your case.

Whether you’re going through an uncontested divorce or a complex contested divorce, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your rights and options before beginning the process. A knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate all aspects of the divorce, including child custody, support and property division.

According to Nerd Wallet, removing your spouse’s name from bank accounts and credit cards is crucial for ensuring that your personal finances remain intact after the divorce. You should also update your employer records, professional licenses, property titles and utility bills to reflect your new marital status.

A qualified divorce lawyer in Houston can help you navigate the divorce process and ensure that you’re able to meet all of your financial obligations following the dissolution of your marriage. They can also help you create a budget that will allow you to build a strong financial future after the dissolution of your marriage.

Child Support

Child support is an important part of a family’s financial situation after a divorce or a parentage dispute. It is generally paid by the noncustodial parent and can cover costs related to housing, food, clothing, health care, education, and other needs of the children.

The amount of child support that is ordered varies by state, taking into account various factors including the net income of each parent. However, there are cases where the trial courts may make a deviation from the statutory guidelines and give the custodial parent access to a higher amount of child support funds.

A Houston Family Lawyer can help you understand your child support obligations and the impact they have on your family’s financial situation. Additionally, they can assist you with estimating and setting up support payments. They can also help you if you need to seek modifications of your support agreement.


Adoption is a legal process that places a child in the care of a new family. This can give birth parents peace of mind, relieve them from the stress of unplanned pregnancy and provide them with a permanent family for their child.

Before adoption becomes finalized, hopeful adoptive families undergo a home study process that includes interviews with social workers and background checks. These investigations examine your religious background, social history, financial status, moral fitness and mental and physical fitness.

During the home study process, hopeful adoptive parents may also be required to turn in copies of their financial statements and employment verifications. It is important for your adoption social worker to understand how you manage your finances, especially if you’re expecting a baby in the near future.

If you’re thinking about adoption, it’s best to start the process as early as possible. In addition, you should seek professional support throughout the process. This is especially true if you’re considering open adoption, which allows you to remain in touch with your child’s birth parents.

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